Author = Rad, Firooz
Number of Articles: 24
2. Sociological Study of Young Adults’ Attitude towards the Issue of Temporary Marriage: Presenting a Grounded Theory

Volume 13, Issue 48, September 2020, Pages 129-147


Behnam Bashiri Khatibi; Firouz Rad; Ali Baseri; Norouz Hashemi Zehi

3. Post-structuralism in Sohrab Sepehri's Works

Volume 12, Issue 44, December 2019, Pages 24-45


rashid hashem; Farhang Ershad; Seifollah Seifollahi; Firouz Rad

5. Sociological discourse analysis of negotiations of the Islamic consultative Assembly on the Family Protection Law

Volume 11, Issue 39, July 2018, Pages 125-144

Noriyehn Ansareiy; Hassan Sarayee; Bagher Sarookhani; Firouz Rad

8. Marital discord and its related social factors

Volume 9, Issue 31, August 2016, Pages 47-68

Shabnam Masoudi Asl; Firouz Rad

9. The relationship between how to use the media and the lifestyle of Tabriz citizens

Volume 8, Issue 28, October 2015, Pages 25-39

Samira Mosavi; Firouz Rad

11. The examination of social factors associated with the propensity to commit crimes in in ten districts

Volume 8, Issue 26, February 2015, Pages 21-35

Javad Ali Akbarpour; Firouz Rad

12. Sociological analysis of the formation and evolution of New Wave of Iranian’s cinema

Volume 7, Issue 24, November 2014, Pages 35-50

Ali Sadeghi; Firouz Rad

15. The examination of social factors related to the tendency of high school students to the reference group in Ardabil

Volume 6, Issue 18, May 2013, Pages 81-102

Haji Vali Agagolizadeh; mohsen alaei; Firouz Rad

17. The investigation of social factors related to the technical students’ entrepreneurship spirit in Mahabad Islamic Azad University

Volume 5, Issue 15, August 2012, Pages 7-19

Mir Mohammad Jamal Abdullahi; Firouz Rad; Siroos Fakhrayi

18. The examination of the relationship between cultural capital and Tabriz high schools managers' cultural intelligence

Volume 4, Issue 13, February 2012, Pages 111-133

Firouz Rad; Farog Amin Mozaffari; Fatah Salmanzade Mazlumi

20. The study of associated factors of marital discord among couples referred to the Family Court in 1391MeshkinShahr

Volume 3, Issue 9, February 2011, Pages 37-52

Davood Ebrahimpour; Firooz Rad; Feridoon Tagipoor

23. Examining the work ethic with an emphasis on organizational factor.

Volume 2, Issue 5, February 2010, Pages 29-44

Hussein Asadi; Firooz Rad; Mohammad Bagher Alizade

24. A study on some psychological and social factors associated with religiosity of students.

Volume 2, Issue 2, May 2009, Pages 31-51

Firooz Rad; Raheleh Menbari