Author = Razoulzadeh Aghdam, Samad
Number of Articles: 5
1. Evaluation of job and family-work conflict among employed women in governmental institutions of Tabriz

Volume 10, Issue 36, September 2017, Pages 48-31

Pari Fathipour; Samad Rasoulzadeh Aghdam

2. Sociological Studyof the relationship between Facebook Social Network and Fashionism in Women of Tabriz City

Volume 9, Issue 32, December 2016, Pages 35-52

Samad Rasoulzadeh Aghdam; Samad Adlipour; Seyyed Ahmad Mirmohammadtabar

3. Pathology of mobile based virtual social networks in the field of religious nurturance (Case study: high school students in Tabriz)

Volume 9, Issue 31, August 2016, Pages 23-45

Aziz Hedayati; Yosef Zeynivand; Samad Rasoulzadeh Aghdam

4. Opportunities and Limitations of Tourism Industry in Iran

Volume 9, Issue 30, March 2016, Pages 63-80

Samad Rasoulzadeh Aghdam; Seyyed Ahmad Mirmohammadtabar; Samad Adlipour; Yosef Zeynivand

5. Phenomenological Analysis of the of Tabriz Women’s Tendency to Facebook Social Network

Volume 7, Issue 24, November 2014, Pages 51-66

Samad Razoulzadeh Aghdam; Samad Adlipour; Hakimeh Malek Ahmadi