Author = Ebrahimpoor, Davood
Number of Articles: 8
2. Social factors associated with the satisfaction of Tabriz citizens from citizenship rights observance

Volume 6, Issue 21, February 2014, Pages 59-72

Parvin Hosseinzade; Davood Ebrahimpoor

4. The relation of socio-economic factors with social health of guidance and high school teachers of Azarshahr city

Volume 5, Issue 14, May 2012, Pages 47-67

Davood Ebrahimpoor; Robabeh Poorjebeli; Roohangiz Ramazani Mamaghani

5. The study of associated factors of marital discord among couples referred to the Family Court in 1391MeshkinShahr

Volume 3, Issue 9, February 2011, Pages 37-52

Davood Ebrahimpour; Firooz Rad; Feridoon Tagipoor

6. The Study of the relationship between social capital and job satisfaction of faculty members in higher education centers of Maragheh

Volume 3, Issue 9, February 2011, Pages 69-86

Badr Shokohi Ashan; Sirous i Fakhray; Davood Ebrahimpour