Author = Abbaszadeh, Mohammad
Number of Articles: 3
1. Cultural Deviance and Its Determinants among Tabriz City’s High School Boys

Volume 7, Issue 25, February 2015, Pages 25-38

Mohammad Abbaszadeh; Mohammad Bagher Alizadeh Aghdam; Tavakkol Aghayari Hir; Esmaeil Najafzadeh Nakhjevanlo

2. A Study of the Social and Individual Factors Affecting Educational Motivation among High School Students of Arasbaran Region.

Volume 1, Issue 1, December 2009, Pages 43-66

Mohammad Abbaszadeh; Mohammad Bager Alizadeh Agdam; Kamal Koohi

3. Sociological study of organizational fault finding and tendency to change.

Volume 2, Issue 4, November 2009, Pages 117-139

Mohammad Abaszade; Leyla Moghtadai; Ebrahim Husseinpour; Hussein Honarvar